One of the worries and concerns that sometimes plagues Iranians living abroad is the lawsuits and cases of Iranians abroad. These people get involved in legal issues willingly or unwillingly. Currently, a large number of compatriots are living outside the geographical borders, who may not be able to temporarily stay in Iran for some reason, or because of the ban on leaving Iran, but Due to Article 34 of the Constitution, which considers litigation as a Muslim right of every individual, Iranians abroad also have the right to file lawsuits in Iranian courts. Therefore, taking into account the need to be aware of this category of people and the necessity of the presence of expert and trusted lawyers to legally support the cases of Iranians abroad, this collection is a suitable platform for consulting and conducting legal and administrative affairs by expert and experienced lawyers for the well-being of Iranians abroad. has provided the country.


بدون شرح

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