Legal property litigation

One of the types of property lawsuits that has formed a large amount of legal cases in the courts; Real estate claims are legal. The legislator has made a legal provision for all civil legal claims and in all circumstances related to civil legal claims; Judges proceed to arbitration with regard to the law and their analysis of the pending case.

If we want to acknowledge the most important cases of legal real estate claims, we can refer to these cases:

Regarding the requirement for mortgage and guarantee documents
Regarding the requirement to prepare an official document for the relevant properties
Lawsuits related to the requirement to obtain a separate assembly form for buildings that have independent and multiple units.
Claims related to the requirement to receive completion of work for buildings where construction activities have been completely completed and approved by an expert.
Regarding the cancellation of the contract for cases where there are problems in the provisions of the concluded contract.
Receive and request a claim for the ideal wage
The issue of termination of contracts that are defective from a legal point of view.
Adjusting (increasing or decreasing) the amount of rent based on the custom of the society.
Lawsuits related to the request and demand of goodwill and possessing the right of business and profession
The issue of the evacuation of commercial premises that have been subject to specific legal provisions,
Claims related to prescribing the transfer of benefits from one person to another.
and other legal real estate claims.

All legal claims are related to the lack of knowledge of laws and regulations or the negligence of individuals, and there is no question of committing a crime.

Criminal property lawsuits

The nature of criminal lawsuits is related to the commission of crimes by individuals and discussions such as; Ignorance of laws and regulations, negligence and lack of attention, inadvertent mistakes, etc. are not involved in this matter. In fact, when people commit crimes in the field of housing and real estate; Criminal cases are filed by the public prosecutor or private plaintiffs. All civil criminal lawsuits are based on profit seeking and fraud by criminals.

Important cases that include the classification of property criminal lawsuits are:

The crime of forging property documents in order to deceive and defraud others
Committing the crime of fraud in the field of real estate and real estate transactions
Betrayal of trust is considered as a criminal case in real estate.
Illegal sale of people’s property to one or more other indicators
The crime of transferring property interests to others or to oneself
Clashes regarding purchases and sales and government transactions and committing corruption in this area
The crime of using a fake document in relation to real estate transactions
Changing the use of agricultural land without obtaining permission from the relevant authorities
Buying and selling and trading opposites
Breaking property and committing the crime of unauthorized entry into other people’s property.

According to the law, the authorities dealing with the criminal cases deal with the mentioned crimes and issue the necessary sentences.

Property registration claims

In general, it is not possible to consider real estate registration claims separately from legal claims in this field, but due to the importance and number of real estate registration claims; The legal team of Yasa Lawyers Group has included these lawsuits in a separate category.

The nature and totality of real estate registration lawsuits are related to the activities of document and real estate registration.

There are many cases regarding real estate registration claims in judicial courts, and if we want to refer to some of them, we can mention the following:

Cancellation of the official document for various reasons
Registration lawsuit regarding the annulment of the registration execution for the relevant properties
Regarding the annulment of the conflicting ownership document
Regarding the annulment of the mechanism and registration procedures of various registration commissions
Disproving the theory presented by the dispute resolution committee of the country’s registration and documents administration.
Afraz Malik
Implementation of registration
Seizure of executive operations in various stages of work and many other cases.

In general, these problems arise when after purchasing or transferring the document, or at the time of purchasing and reviewing the document, there is a problem in the contents of the document or the work process.

In many cases, real estate registration lawsuits arise for various reasons, which are caused by the negligence and haste of the owner in order to buy and sell the property, and it causes many problems and damages for the parties related to the respective property. Therefore, it is recommended that regarding the legal aspects of real estate transactions and the conditions related to the subject of property and real estate; Use the experiences of legal experts and committed and experienced experts in the field of real estate to prevent potential problems and real estate claims.

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