Mortgage lawsuit

In cases where the bank received a property deed as a guarantee for the loan at the time of granting the loan, and in other words, the property deed is mortgaged to the bank, if the customer fulfills all his obligations and pays the installments on time, so that is being settled, but the bank refuses to accept the mortgage for any illegal reason,

In this case, the borrower or the guarantor will have the right to file a foreclosure lawsuit against the bank. The lawsuit against the bank that did not release the document on time will be filed in the general legal court of the location of the immovable property and by paying the legal fees of the financial lawsuit.

Lawsuits for the obligation to provide loan details

In cases where, during the repayment process, the borrower claims that the bank has made a mistake in calculating the loan and interest, and the bank is not willing to cooperate and provide the relevant documents to the customer, in this case, the borrower has no other way to clarify this than filing a lawsuit. will not have rights in court. The examination of this matter will be done by the court’s official expert.

Lawsuit for return of guarantee documents

After settling the loan account, the bank is required to return the guarantee documents to the borrower, if he refuses to do so, in this regard, the customer can file a lawsuit demanding the return of the check or promissory note given to the bank as a loan guarantee.

Lawsuit for annulment of contractual terms

When setting up bank contracts, the parties to the contract, especially the borrowers and guarantors, should pay attention to the terms and conditions contained in the contract and sign the contract with full knowledge. If one of the conditions is against the law or banking regulations, the customer can submit a petition to the court to cancel these conditions and ask for the cancellation and ineffectiveness of the conditions.


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